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Phasing out coal-fired power stations could provide new opportunities

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Following the COP26 decision to phase out coal-fired power stations, the supply of FGD gypsum to the plasterboard, fertiliser, cement and other industries will be phased out, opening up more opportunities to use phosphogypsum or other sources of synthetic gypsum form calcium-rich waste materials.

Mike Frith, CEO of Calcium Solutions, is of the view that the way forward is to use new technology to address the shortfall in the production of FGD gypsum due to the impending closures of coal-fired power stations throughout the world.

The fertiliser/phosphoric acid industry produces 250 million tonnes of phosphogypsum a year. Most of it goes to landfill which has accumulated over the years in vast phosphogypsum stacks or lagoons, providing an abundant supply of new feedstock.

Calcium Solutions’ innovative Calcium-based Mineral Purification (CMP) process was originally designed to remove the impurities from FGD gypsum. It has evolved to be an efficient solution to remove the impurities from most calcium rich waste materials with a calcium content of 40% or more.

The output is compliant with the gypsum industry’s requirements.

“Phosphogypsum presents some challenges concerning the carryover of the impurities from the phosphoric acid process”, explained Mike. “Calcium Solutions have developed an innovative process to overcome these, producing clean gypsum. “

The CMP process has many other benefits. The higher purity gypsum would provide new revenue streams. The use of phosphogypsum would free up land currently used for storage, save on waste management fees and ultimately remove an environmental hazard.

The process also has the effect of concentrating the end waste and, depending on the feedstock, make it easier for specialist refiners to access heavy metals and rare earth elements (REE).

Calcium Solutions, the trading arm of Carbon Cycle Limited, is seeking to license this technology designed to clean gypsum, phosphogypsum and other calcium-rich material.

Companies interested in testing their gypsum, chalk or other calcium-feedstock, should contact Calcium Solutions at to find out more.

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